New Tune in the works

I found a break through the storm.  A second original is on the way.  I am also getting a lot play time on Spotify and Pandora. It is nice to see the hits.  Links to the various platforms are posted at this site. Thanks again for all your support.

“Not This Time” is on iTunes

I am really thankful this holiday season that so many people have listened to “Not This Time” via SoundCloud.  I have met another goal in life to at least publish some music that is original.  I know there is still room for improvement with this particular musical performance, but I decided to go ahead and publish it on iTunes.  I needed to take a leap of faith personally.

I have a lot of music in my head these days, and it is coming from a lot of creative people and their conversations, works of art, stories, and music.  Pass it along to anyone who might be interested.    Thanks Again.  Here is the link to iTunes.  There will be more whether you like or not, Bula!

You can also preview/stream this piece on SoundCloud.



More Time

Don’t we all need it.  Might be next title not sure. I am glad that I published Not This Time before the break. Holidays are busy. Perhaps by January I can have next piece. I have been listening to a lot of Jimmy McGriff lately. I would highly recommend his jams.

Not This Time (Revised) Nov 13, 2016 – Matthew Moore (Slight Winds)


After great feedback from some very creative people, I have made a few changes.  It has a quicker introduction, a defined B section, better recording, and an overall shorter version.  I think I am going to leave it alone at this point for awhile and concentrate upon some other creations that I am working on.   Looks like about a six to eight week time frame to get one of this songs right.  Finally I do like aspects of both versions so I will keep them posted, but overall I think the second version is better and more defined.  Thanks for all the feedback.  Keep it coming.  It is nice to know that I am not dead yet.

Billy Strayhorn Tribute

Billy StrayhornDuring Christmas of my twelfth year I received my first Duke Ellington Orchestra record, and I listened to it incessantly during my middle school years.  I had all the melodies memorized and used to articulate the big band sound singing and humming along while studying for school or falling asleep at night.  It was my first real introduction to Jazz, and it never left me. In fact, when I started improvising in college I used to find extreme comfort from the Duke Ellington tunes because I knew every note and melody, and I knew how to change it and when chord changes were happening.

It is no surprise, then, that I am releasing my first cover tune that was written by Billy Strayhorn of the Duke Ellington Orchestra.  The classic “Take the A Train” has always been a melody that I used to practice improvisation and absorbed for fun.  Little did I know it was actually a tune much more than that to me.  I have created a unique arrangement of improvisation and subtle melody choices of this famous tune that I hope you enjoy.  The arrangement is a unique version using three saxophone voices (two alto and one tenor) that demonstrate a unique improvisation style with an anti-rhythm feel.  It culminates many years of jamming to this wonderful tune, and it is one of the few tunes that I would even choose to cover.

You can currently purchase a digital mp3 download for your music player by visiting CD Baby.


Matthew C Moore: Take The "A" Train