Jazz Duets: One Alto Saxophone on Two Tracks 2002

In Slight Winds first CD release during the Fall of 2002,  he blended two voices of one saxophone to create unique arrangements and improvisations. Working upon his favorites from Duke Ellington, Thelonius Monk, and Miles Davis, Slight Winds implemented some unique duets that provided fresh new interpretations with definite limitations and purposed omissions.  In addition to these Jazz standards are some fun versions of well known Christmas carols and a version of Over the Rainbow.

This sound was created during his saxophone works at Wake Forest University and has rarely been replicated by others, and this is probably with  good intention.  Today Slight Winds is creating digitally recorded ensemble tracks by blending voices of different saxophones one at a time.  It is creating that saxophone ensemble sound with modern technologies from Pro Tools.  The works from Jazz Duets might appear on future albums as freebies to fans.  Please inform if you would like that.


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