Christmas Music for Luncheon

I just came back from a luncheon for school nurses in Los Angeles.  I played about fifteen carols and fifteen jazz standards in a festive environment as background music during an hour or so holiday dinner.  If you are in need of any soloists for your upcoming event please feel free to contact me at  I had not done this in a while, and I found the performance helpful to my music and my wallet.  It is a also a great way to find fans of the type of jazz that I most often perform.

I am still working on a version of Duke Ellington’s Take the A Train that was arranged by Lennie Niehaus.  I am not satisfied with the original recordings so the release date will most likely be further down the road as holiday events start to fill my schedule and time.  It is a great version and I might offer a two for one deal or some past recordings from my San Diego performances and recordings.

Currently you can still download a classical tune that I recorded this past summer on iTunes.  It is currently under the name Slight Breeze, but remember I have changed the official name to Slight Winds to decrease confusion with other groups.  Have a great holiday.

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