“Not This Time” is on iTunes

I am really thankful this holiday season that so many people have listened to “Not This Time” via SoundCloud.  I have met another goal in life to at least publish some music that is original.  I know there is still room for improvement with this particular musical performance, but I decided to go ahead and publish it on iTunes.  I needed to take a leap of faith personally.

I have a lot of music in my head these days, and it is coming from a lot of creative people and their conversations, works of art, stories, and music.  Pass it along to anyone who might be interested.    Thanks Again.  Here is the link to iTunes.  There will be more whether you like or not, Bula!

You can also preview/stream this piece on SoundCloud.




More Time

Don’t we all need it.  Might be next title not sure. I am glad that I published Not This Time before the break. Holidays are busy. Perhaps by January I can have next piece. I have been listening to a lot of Jimmy McGriff lately. I would highly recommend his jams.