Slight Winds has been performing in public venues and with public organizations for over 30 years. Due to recent enhancements in recording software and economic feasibility, Slight Winds is offering recordings of his interpretations of classical works, jazz works, and creative modern interpretations.

His music is primarily based upon music created for saxophone ensembles through the usage of digital recording software. Slight Winds is one artist on many tracks.  He is trained in music studies from Wake Forest University, and has also studied from great saxophonists such as James Houlik, Stephen Pollock, and Dr. Farrell Coy.  Slight Winds owes the great digital music pioneer Will Parsons much credit too as well as Dr. Stewart Carter from Wake Forest Music Theory classes.

Slight Winds has branched out on his own, and he does not hold any of those greats responsible for his interpretations, and you may find a few recordings under A Slight Breeze.  However, due to another band with that same name the name has evolved to Slight Winds.  Saxophones really don’t create that much wind. 🙂

Contact Information:
760 271 3297


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